Photo by Tom Leishman

Photo by Tom Leishman

Photo by Tom Leishman

Photo by Tom Leishman

Described as "the purest voice on radio" (BBC) and selected as one of Music Republic Magazine’s “ones to watch” in 2019, London singer-songwriter, Cerian, is a multi-instrumentalist described as a cross between Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and London Grammar, weaving together soaring melodic vocals and rich harmony with poetic lyrics. Singing and playing harp, Cerian is fast gaining a reputation as one of London's most unique artists, with the "voice of an angel" (Music Injection) who also writes darkly moving and beautiful folk-pop songs. Having sung on Radiohead's latest album and with the likes of U2, Thom Yorke, Sam Smith, Imogen Heap, Neneh Cherry and Charlotte Church, she is now taking on the world with her own brand of contemporary dark ethereal folk-pop.

Having released two singles to critical acclaim, her latest single "Caught in the Dark" has already garnered glowing reviews and BBC Radio play, and is the title track of her debut EP, to be released later this year. Cerian is enjoying a successful year, playing Glastonbury Festival, touring the UK and has released a single recorded at Abbey Road Studios as part of the HEARD Collective that she co-founded and runs to promote and support women in music.


Photo by Kimberly Adamis

Photo by Kimberly Adamis

“Gorgeous... fantastic... quite sensational... I've described her as ‘the purest voice on radio’, and she really is... absolutely adore that."

  • Justine Greene (BBC Radio 2, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire)

“Fresh from a superb performance, Cerian’s new single [Seasons] is nothing short of stunning.”

  • Paul Sexton (Music journalist)

"Voice of an angel."

  • Music Injection

“Absolutely wonderful.”

  • BBC Introducing

"Cerian has a long, long solo pop career ahead of her."

  • Comeherefloyd

“Cerian’s voice is simply stunning. A real wow moment. A real find. Robert Taira Wilson’s voice fits together with hers like a velvet glove; so much chemistry.

I am mesmerised. By Cerian’s voice. I am also mightily impressed with the self-penned song. It sounds as honest and as real as it gets on a record. I can hear and feel every ounce of passion and pain and joy and hurt and love that has gone into this one song, into this one track.

Music Republic Magazine tip Cerian for certain future success. From this one offering, she will win hearts and minds galore, and deservedly so. A major label deal to launch the UK’s next folk-pop star is not beyond the realms of possibility, to my ears. Quite special.”

  • Simon Redley (Music Republic Magazine)

"In its entirety 'Wasteland' is a breathtaking, emotive, punch to the gut. Cerian has that rare type of compelling vocal that effortlessly captures its listener's attention with its extraordinary range and purity. 'Wasteland' is a flawlessly executed track."

  • Karla Harris (When the Horn Blows)

"She writes her own beautiful folk songs."

  • BBC Introducing, The South

"We shall hear her again, she's very good... really good."

  • Mark Forrest, BBC Radio

"Cerian's heartfelt songs take listeners away on a journey... Beautiful vocals soar over intricate piano and guitar pluckings, and one cannot help but feel transported by her tales of love, loss, hope and everything else in between."

  • GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL Green Radio, DJ Pedro De Barros

"Cerian: The Voice; the one and only; the fragile, the melancholic, the truly delightful, the undoubtedly talented. A gift from a super natural place. if you don't love her voice, then frankly you don't love music. Sing on Cerian, sing on."

  • Hopper and Elliot (No Pressure Events)

"Spellbinding and ethereal, Cerian is a sensational performer with a unique and captivating voice, capable of astonishing heights."

  • Folking Around

Cerian playing Village Underground

Cerian playing Village Underground

CERIAN // 2019